Reading news is must for everyone who wants to be successful in life. After all, information is power. However, in the world lead by internet, we have access to thousands of news apps and websites and we just don’t know which one should we refer as we don’t have time to read everything. After much analysis and testing, we have selected these awesome websites and apps that will give you the best news on topics you like. Let’s select which one is best for you!

Best News Apps & Websites at ROLLZIGN

#1 Flipboard

Flipboard At Rollzign
Flipboard At ROLLZIGN

Among all other news apps and websites, Flipboard has the most wow magazine alike user experience. Flipboard delivers content from thousands of top publishers like The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Forbes, Wired, National Geographic, Rolling Stone etc.

One thing that makes Flipboard stands apart in the news industry is that Flipboard is the news app for other news apps and websites! Flipboard works with the publishers who are at the top in their topics and niche like News & Politics, Technology & Science, Business & Entrepreneurship, Wellness & Lifestyle, Entertainment, Food & Cooking, Travel, Sports, Home and Gardening to name a few.

So, whatever is your passion, you will find news for it in Flipboard from all of your favorite publishers, magazines and authors. That’s great and a big-time saver.

You can also create your own magazine in Flipboard and choose the publishers/ authors/ topics stories from which shall be added to your magazine for reading. Like you can create separate magazine for Tech News and another one for Personal Growth and further one for Business. This is the best part of Flipboard.

Among all other news apps and websites, Flipboard is our personal favorite. We strictly recommend you download the Flipboard app now. You will love it. That’s our promise.

Price: Free

Flipboard Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#2 Google News & Weather

Google News & Weather At Rollzign
Google News & Weather At ROLLZIGN

With coverage from more than 75,000 publications and with 60+ country specific editions, Google news provide you the unique ability to create your own menu and sections within the app. Like you can add sections say India, USA, World, Business, Technology, Health and much more. With Google News, you really have endless topics to add to your sections. Choose your favorite sections and your custom menu will be ready in seconds.

Apart from choosing your favorite topics and locations, you can choose the country specific edition to get the more news specific to your country.

Price: Free

Google News & Weather Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#3 Inshorts

Inshorts At Rollzign
Inshorts At ROLLZIGN

The best way to describe Inshorts is ‘Stay informed in 60 words’. Inshorts provide short news for the mobile generation.

Inshorts team knows that we don’t have time to go through long news articles every day. So, they cut the clutter and deliver news in 60-words. Isn’t it out of the box?

For Inshorts’ 60 words news feature working on Steve Jobs’ principle of ‘Less is more’, Inshorts is recommended to everyone who wants to catch the news but is short on time.

Worth mentioning that Inshorts has been awarded as one of the best apps of 2015 by Google. Inshorts has been featured in publications like Tech Crunch, Business Insider, Forbes, Fortune and The Economic Times and enjoy a user rating of 4.6 (quite impressive!) as of January 2018.

Inshorts allows you to customize your news feed – one more feature to save your time. You can select your favorite topics and get the news in shorts in “My Feed” tab. Inshorts also gets you covered in case you want to read the complete story. Just swipe right and you will get it!

Price: Freemium

Inshorts Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#4 Feedly

Feedly At Rollzign

In case you are like us who rely on lots of news sources instead of just one source and need to catch all of them on a daily basis, Feedly is all what you need. Feedly makes it easy to follow the blogs, magazines, and other sources that matters to you.

Feedly is more than just a news app as apart from news tracking, Feedly allows you to read blogs, learn new topics, and track keywords, brands and companies.

Since, Feedly is connected to more than 40 million feeds, there are hardly any chances for not finding your niche content.

Further, one feature of feedly that makes it better choice for business people is its integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, IFTTT, Slack, Trello and Zapier that allows you to easily share stories with your networks and teammates.

To get started. Download Feedly, signup for a Feedly account and search for a blog, magazine or newspaper you like to read and add it to your Feedly. You will start getting all content of the added blog in Your Feedly feed. Very-very simple. Nice job Feedly Team!

Price: Freemium

Feedly Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#5 Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Newsstand At Rollzign
Google Play Newsstand At ROLLZIGN

Firstly, we would like to clarify that ‘Google Play Newsstand’ is different from ‘Google News & Weather’ application. Both of these apps serve the different purpose.

‘Google News & Weather’ application provide you only weather information and news from various sources and you can only choose the topics which you want to read. While, Newsstand allows you to subscribe free as well as paid specific publishers/ websites/ blogs and magazines. Also, ‘Google News & Weather’ provide only headlines and opens the full story in the browser while Newsstand shows the full stories with a tap on the headline within the app without browser support.

So, Newsstand is fast and have better user experience than ‘Google News & Weather’. Why Google is running ‘Google News & Weather’ along with Newsstand, that only Google Team can answer.

Well, our recommendation is to go with Google Play Newsstand. Also, feel free to give a try to ‘Google News & Weather’.

Price: Free (Payment required for Premium magazines subscription)

Google Play Newsstand Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#6 Yahoo Newsroom

Yahoo Newsroom At Rollzign
Yahoo Newsroom At ROLLZIGN

Yahoo Newsroom too aggregates news from a lots of news publishers. Newsroom lets you stay on the top of the trend with a series of trending topics in its ‘Explore’ section dubbed as ‘Vibes’.

In case you are not able to find your vibe, you can create one! You can post articles from around the web in a particular vibe and can start your own discussions. We think that’s a negative point as it will increase the chances of fake and low-quality news. But considering all other things, Yahoo Newsroom is a good option to get your news delivered.

Similar to other apps, Newsroom allows you to select the topics and get customized feed. Among all other features and apart from news content, what we liked the most about Yahoo Newsroom is its interface and user experience which is quite great in comparison to other apps. You should give it a try after downloading the app and let us know what you think about it?

Price: Free

Yahoo Newsroom Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#7 MSN News

Msn News At Rollzign

MSN is the Microsoft news aggregator application. Articles in MSN are curated by Microsoft News expert. So, quality of articles is assured in MSN which is a positive point. MSN allows you to customize your feed by following topics you care about. MSN has global edition and you can choose your country to get the country specific edition of MSN news.

Price: Free

MSN News Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

We hope that these news apps and websites will never leave you without news on topics you like. In case you use another news app or website, do let us know by your comments or by hitting the “Improve It!” button below. You can also contact us directly here. We will consider including that one in this list. In case you don’t know which one to use out of them, give all of them a try and choose one for you. Don’t forget to let us know the one you are going with…

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